Vending Manufacturer Treasure Chest
Dear Prospective Investor,

Thank you for your interest in the most exciting and profitable new business opportunity available today, The Treasure Chest Vending Giveaway.

This totally innovative concept has absolutely No Competition and appeals to the lottery mentality of the younger consumer. Everyone wants to be a winner. As a society we spend millions and millions of dollars on lottery tickets hoping to win the big prize. The Treasure Chest vending machine provides that chance. The irresistible lure of those highly visible Black Winning Capsules keeps people coming back.

After 12 months of field-testing, and with the experiences of our over 2000 machines on location we have seen sales skyrocket, providing our operators with exceptional returns.

If you are looking for a solid home-based business; that is easy to operate (suitable for both women and men); that will occupy only a very few hours of your time a week; that will give you exceptional profits ($0.70 of every "Loonie"); that you can start part-time and easily grow into a full time business from which you can ultimately retire THIS IS IT!

We are an All-Canadian company with over 100 years of vending experience in our management group. We manufacture our own machines and we carry large inventories of the latest and most desirable toys. These two important factors allow us to keep our prices low, and your profits high.

Please review our winning opportunity as Distributorships are limited and the best areas always go first.

Dedicated to Your Success,
Tom Semeniuk, C.E.O.
Accessit Corp.

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