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Locating Procedures


Accessit Corp is not a locating company nor does it have any part in the locating process.

But what we have done is to provide assistance to a local Telemarketing Company to help train their staff to say the right things and not misrepresent the good Charities we align ourselves with.

The Telemarketers are taught to present the Charity in the most respectable way possible when they contact the merchants in your area to try and find locations for your machines.

This company only finds locations for Treasure Chest Vending Machines in Canada and the US so their focus is always maintained on the type of locations that the Treasure Chest Machine is suitable for.

You can submit a Wish List to the Locating Company and they will call the Merchants on your list to try and secure as many of them as possible.

Bear in mind there are a few National Franchises that do not allow Vending Machines such as McDonalds, Subways, Starbucks etc.

But there are many more where the manager has the autonomy to make the decision also.

Once a location has been acquired then a second call is placed by a location coordinator just prior to you delivering your machine. The purpose of this call is to prepare the Merchant for you delivering your machine plus making sure the Merchant completely understands the type of Vending Machine being delivered.

The Merchant will be advised when you will be delivering your machine and asked if AM or PM is preferred plus if the Merchant isn't there the name of the secondary contact person.

This preparing procedure eliminates any miscommunication between you and your newly acquired location plus they will be expecting you.

When you deliver your machine make sure it is placed in the highest visual location in the merchants premises.

Then you hand him or her your personalized Letter of Introduction you received from the Charity.This will inform the Merchant on how the Vending Fund Raising Program Works and will explain the good work that the Charity does plus it legitimizes your association with the Charity.

The other option is for you to simply find your own locations and many of our customers do just that but we have found that most will use the professional Locating Company to get their first batch of machines located and then when they reorder machines they will do it themselves because it is not too complicated of a process.

We provide you with a Locating Manual that comes with your Tools for Success Kit with your order.

One last note is that the Locating Procedure can only begin once you have taken delivery of your machines and have assembled them. Then you can apply your Charity Pictures or Labels onto the bigger sign.

Now you are ready to start the locating process.

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