Vending Manufacturer Treasure Chest

Potential Locations

There are thousands of locations waiting
for Treasure Chest Vending Machines
There is no competition at this time
so get in early and get the best locations.

Amusement Parks
Arenas (Fund Raising for Teams)
Athletic Clubs
Bars & Lounges  (with Special Adult Toy Items)
Bowling Alleys
Bus Depots
Car Washes (with waiting room)
Childrens Play Stores
College Campuses
Community Centers
Convenience Stores
Country Clubs
Dance Studios
Doughnut Stores
Farmers Markets
Fast Food Shops
Flea Markets
Gas Stations
Golf Clubs
Grocery Stores

Gyms (for younger clients)
Hair Salons (for younger clients)
Hospitals (Gift Shops or Waiting Rooms)
Hotels (for families)
Motels (for families)
Movie Theaters
Pet Stores
Pizza Restaurants
Private Family Recreation Clubs
Recreation Centers
Service Stations
Schools (for Fund Raising for Athletic Teams)
Skating Rinks
Snack Bars
Specialty Stores
Stores in Malls
Sub Shops
Tennis, Squash & Racquetball Clubs
Trade Shows (Commission to Booth)
Truck Stops
Vet Clinics
Waiting Rooms (with young clients)

Details of Acquiring Locations

Should you require a locator to find locations for your machines, please budget approximately $100 per location for locator fees, Location fees may vary depending on the locator.  The locator usually requires a 50% deposit in advance for expenses and balance is paid when the locations have been acquired.  Remember any locator fees have been excluded from the total package pricing. Please understand we have no control over the locating process.  We know that most locators are reliable and conscientious and they will look hard to provide you with the best possible locations in your area.

There are two types of locators, on the ground door knockers or telemarketers.  The telemarketing method of locating has two steps.

Step 1: Acquiring approval to place the machine from the highest designated authority in that location.

Step 2: Confirming the location a few days later to prepare them for your delivery of the machine so that they will be expecting you.

Accessit Corp is not in the locating business but will send you a locating kit that you could provide to the locating company that you choose from the YellowPages or Internet. In Canada, we use one telemarketing company that exclusively finds locations for the Treasure Chest Vending Machines.


Do It Yourself.  That's right.  Even if you don't have a background in any service industry - dealing with people, or if you don't have any experience in sales, you can save substantially and easily get your own locations.  Included in your package price you will receive a "Tools For Success Kit" outlining advice, tips and sample letters to large accounts, locating success manual, locating presentation script and lots of other useful information that can help you become successful in locating your Treasure Chest Machines.

The Choice is Yours!

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