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We asked a few recent customers to send us a testimonial reflecting on their experience with our company Accesit Corp and the Treasure Chest Vending Giveaway Program. We can provide you with their contact phone numbers upon request.  This is what they had to say.

US Customer Testimonials

Jason F. from Harlan, Iowa, USA
Background: Computer Programmer
Current: Computer Programmer & Treasure Chest Dealer part time

"I had never thought about getting involved with vending machines. Then I met an existing Treasure Chest dealer, and learned about her enjoyment and success in the program. After getting more details from Tom and Paul, I decided this was just the opportunity I had been looking for. It has been a great experience, involving my whole family, and I look forward to continued growth and success with Accessit Corp."

Canadian Customer Testimonials

Anna T. from Southern Alberta, Canada
Background: Former Dairy Farmer and Teacher of Special Needs Children
Current: Treasure Chest Dealer full time; and
Member of Accessit Corp's Marketing Team.

"It's very hard to express to you our gratitude for offering this opportunity. As you know, we were a bit skeptical at first thinking as everyone would think... too good to be true" not another get rich opportunity. Thank goodness we spoke with you Paul at least four times and each time feeling more and more comfortable with the adventure for freedom. We seriously are thankful for it. We started out initially with 15 machines and having those placed for us by an awesome team of locators. We then jumped whole heartedly into 10 more. This was so awesome we couldn't resist buying 25 more and got excited for more. Now being up to 50 machines our goal is to be at 100 by the end of June 2012. Thank you so much also to Tom for your professional advice and we again want to reiterate what a pleasure it is to work with a team who helped set the pace for us to succeed! We are also amazed at receiving everything we were promised and more. We are forever grateful and fired up! Thank you Accessit Corp."

* As of January 2014 Anna has surpassed her goal of 100 machines and now has 125 machines in the Southern Alberta area. She generates high sale averages for the machines on her route.

Eva R. from USA
Background: Former Naturopath Holistic Medicine Consultant
Current: Treasure Chest Dealer full time

"The support I have received from Tom and Paul with Accessit Corp has been above and beyond. The Treasure Chest program is real! I am a proud owner of Treasure Chest machines"

* No matter where in the world the machines are, they will be successful because the sales are driven by the lottery mentality of today's consumer, and this mentality is not affected by nationality, it is basic human nature.

Ken S. from Central Alberta, Canada
Current: Marketing and Sales Agent; and
Treasure Chest Dealer part time.

"This machine is located in a restaurant in Central Alberta and has an exceptional sales average."

* Ken has achieved tremendous success from the Treasure Chest Program. Since buying his first batch of machines in late 2012 Ken has come back to repurchase additional machines and has also received several FREE vending machines through  our Reference Program.

Kevin H. from Nova Scotia, Canada
Background: Former Book Publisher
Current: Treasure Chest Dealer full time; and
Member of Accessit Corp's Marketing team.

"This machine is in a grocery store in Nova Scotia and has an incredible sales performance each month."

* Kevin started with 35 machines and later ordered 65 more. He now operates 100 Treasure Chest machines in Atlantic Canada and has experienced amazing results. Because of his success, Kevin is now a distributor of Treasure Chest machines and sells the Treasure Chest program in the Atlantic Canada region. This demonstrates Accessit Corp's vision of hiring from within and is something we continue to do with other customers.

 Paul and Marie T. from Northern Alberta, Canada
Current: Retired couple and Treasure Chest Dealers full time.

"We placed one machine on August 8, 2013. When we checked it again on August 28, it had a fantastic cash return. We checked it again on September 17 and the sales were similar. On the same day, we placed another 2 head machine. We checked these 2 machines on October 11, November 8, December 9, and January 10 and we are absolutely thrilled with the sales they achieved."

* This is just a sample of the success Paul and Marie are having with their Treasure Chest machines. The program has turned their lives around and given them significant additional income in their retirement.

Murray K. from Northern Alberta, Canada
Background: Owner of Multiple Hardware Stores

"In June of 2013, it was the first time that I saw the ad in our local paper. I checked out the website with much scepticism. Upon lots of discussion with my wife, we came to the conclusion that in order to make an informed decision we would have to call the number. In talking to Paul, we learned about the company and the many years of experience in the vending business, we asked for a reference, which he gladly gave us. This was a real person that we could talk to and one that had been in the business for herself for some time already. She assured us that it was all that head office had said it was and the only regret that she had was that she hadnt started with more than she had. We then met with Tom and Paul, who were very sincere individuals and truly had our best interest at heart. After getting to know each other quite extensively, it is now my pleasure to work with them.

* Murray started with 50 machines and soon after, he bought 50 more. He then came back for another 100, bringing his total to 200 Treasure Chest Machines owned.

 Dave B. from Northern Alberta, Canada
Background: Former Supervisor Position in the Oil Patch.
Current: Treasure Chest Dealer full time.

I've had this machine on location in a Boston Pizza restaurant since September 2011 and its cash sales have been incredible each day since inception at this location. I have another machine in a different Boston Pizza location. Its also been there since September 2011 and it has experienced similar high sales averages each day since it was placed.

*Dave was one of our first ever customers, back in the summer of 2011. Since then he has acquired over 100 Treasure Chest vending machines, all performing phenomenally.

 Shawn M, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Background: Law Enforcement
Current: Law Enforcement and Treasure Chest Dealer Part Time.

One day I received an advertisement in the mail inviting me to attend a presentation at a hotel near the airport. My first instinct was to throw it in the garbage. I work in law enforcement and Im very wary of business opportunities that come through the mail. But, I decided to check them out. I looked up AccessitCorp on line and saw that they were a real company with actual offices and warehouse space. I was still skeptical but went to the presentation anyway. I expected a time share type presentation where I would get the hard sell and be pressured to write a cheque on the spot.

In fact, the opposite was true; no one asked me for any money and I got to see the actual vending machines up close. If I was still interested, I could set up a meeting with Tom at their offices to discuss the business model further. I was interested but continued to be hesitant. I was raised with the notion that if it seemed too good to be true; then it probably was. My wife and I met with Tom, toured their facilities and discussed the various levels at which we could buy in. Once again, no one asked me for money and I felt no pressure. Tom told me that I could talk to a local couple who were already in the business and they could tell me themselves about their experience. I called them and we talked at length.

Well, after all of this I called Tom and wrote the cheque. My machines were delivered ahead of schedule and everything that I was promised was delivered. It wasnt long before all of my machines were placed in locations and they have been making money ever since. Tom, Paul and Brett continue to provide a high level of service and support. I am no longer a skeptic. In fact, Im in the process of buying more machines.

 Dave S, from Southern Alberta, Canada
Background: Arena Operator
Current: Arena Operator and Treasure Chest Dealer Part Time.

I got started with the treasure chest machines because I have been looking for years to find a legitimate work at home opportunity. Vending machines had never even crossed my mind, but when I stumbled on the Treasure Chest website, I thought it was worth taking a chance.

Everyone I have dealt with has been wonderful and I have been pulling a consistent profit from the machines. I couldn't be happier.

I just want to add this. If you are on the fence and wondering if this is the opportunity for you, my opinion is to go for it. The staff at Accessit are amazing and helpful. The machines are beautiful. And the program works.

 Chris and Enza P., from Quebec, Canada
Current: Retired Couple and Treasure Chest Dealers Full Time.

My wife and I have been involved with Treasure Chest vending for 18 months now. We are very pleased with the quality of the machines, products and services they provide.

During the 18 months we have developed a great professional relationship with local business owners who are happy to help support the Missing Children Society of Canada with us.

 Dianna D, from Western Canada
Current: Treasure Chest Dealer Full Time.

My name is Dianna D. I'm dealer of Treasure Chest Vending since the beginning of July 2014. I am very happy with the good cash return makings from this machine placed at a local family restaurant. You too can make these great returns with your machine in the right location.

 Shirley & Michaela B from Southern Alberta
Current: Mother & Daughter Team - Treasure Chest Vending Dealers Part Time.

"Hi we are Shirley and Michaela B from Southern Alberta. We started up this small business as a way to help Michaela (12) earn a little extra money for spending, saving for Christmas. Her brothers mow lawns and shovel snow, and at 12 Michaela felt left out. This was a way for her to gain responsibility and business sense. It has allowed her to develop friendships and business relations and to gain confidence in talking to others. She is also learning commitment, dedication and having fun counting all the money she gets out of the machines. She is a great little saver and will go far.

Thank you for this opportunity. One can make the most of a few machines like us, and the sky is the limit. Who knows where this will lead to."

I would like to thank you Paul & Tom for the opportunity to join the Treasure Chest program that was advertised in my local paper. A lot of business adventures that are advertised are deals that suck you right in with false information until you pay the starting fee and then you find out the rest of the story, which most of the times sucks and then try to get your money back! It was nice that you let myself get in contact with another lady that already had machines to ask questions and she answered all my skeptical questions about the business. It was wonderful talking too someone not to far from myself.  I find it better to talk to someone on the ground floor because that's how I would be starting.  These were the thoughts that were running through my mind. You, Paul and Tom are very nice to talk to and have answered and helped myself in all aspects of starting this new venture.

I am very glad that I bought the first fifteen machines and had the assistance of the locator's to place them. I find it a lot of fun going around and checking on my machines and visiting with the vendors, and I am happy to have purchased another ten machines. The two separate shipments of my machines was an excellent experience with everything nicely packaged and that was in good shape upon my receiving it. I have also found it interesting working with the Missing Children's Society, it makes me feel good helping raise money for this society. I look forward to venturing out there with more machines in the coming future, it's my retirement program! :)

Thank You Accessit Corp. for making this a successful adventure and look forward with all our dealings in the future.

Martha T
Vulcan, Alberta


Dear Paul and Tom... It's very hard to express to you our gratitude for offering this opportunity in our local newspaper. As you know we were a bit skeptical at first thinking as everyone would think... too good to be true... not another get rich opportunity from the ground up. Thank goodness we spoke with you Paul at least four times and each time feeling more and more comfortable with the adventure for freedom we seriously are thankful for. Starting out with fifteen machines and having those placed for us by an awesome team and then jumping whole heartily into ten more. This was so awesome we couldn't resist buying twenty five more and both got excited for more! -Now being upto fifty machines our goal is to be at one hundred by the end of June.

Thank you so much also Tom for your professional advice and what a pleasure to work with a team who is there
setting the pace for us to succeed! We are also amazed at receiving everything we were promised and more. We are forever grateful and fired up!!

Glen and Anna T Take Care!!!
Strathmore, AB


I originally decided to purchase 25 machines to start my part-time business but since that time I am now up to 75 machines and soon will be at 100. The support from Accessit Corp has been nothing less than outstanding. I am looking forward to growing my new business to new heights and I know the folks at Accessit Corp will be with me every step of the way!

Montreal, QC


Dear Paul:

Accessit Corp has been a terrific partner to Z Financial Group since 2011. They provide very professional Treasure Chest vending machines and supplies that go with it. They provide excellent service and fast shipping. I can pick up the phone anytime and call Paul or Tom and they are there to answer my questions or fill my order. We are in the service business and know what customer service needs to be today and I would rate Accessit Corp outstanding.


David Z
Z Financial Group Inc
Calgary, AB

Dear Tom & Paul;

I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to establish my business. When I began I was skeptical. After having tried many times with due diligence and hard work only to see my efforts wasted, I had pretty much given up the hope that there was anything out there that worked as advertised.

This hope has been restored. Apparently without the right people we cannot be successful. It is people such as yourselves who have repeatedly demonstrated kindness and patience to me that make it possible for my business to work. Even with my limited number of machines, as of this date I am beginning to see tangible results which I am excited about. I anticipate that even in this economy I should continue to see positive results.

Once again, I would like to thank you and everyone involved, I look forward to a continued prosperous relationship.

Sincerely, Evelyn S
Halifax, NS


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