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Corporate Background of
Tom Semeniuk

Mr Semeniuk brings a successful background of innovative marketing & management skills to Accessit Corp.

Mr. Semeniuk founded Redi Serv Foods in Brandon Manitoba in 1974.The concept was to provide nutritional snacks and soups for rural school lunch programs via mail and phone in orders. The business grew to be a major supplier to over 300 schools covering an area from North Western Ontario to Alberta plus the isolated schools in the far north. He sold the business in 1982 and it is still flourishing today.

In 1983 Mr. Semeniuk was hired as the Marketing Manager for International Rug Co of Montreal, Quebec for the Manitoba, Sask, NW Ontario regions. He built up a dealer network of over 400 dealers from zero and this resulted in sales of over 3 million annually. Mr. Semeniuk was the #1 salesman in Canada for IRCO from 1983 to 1988.

Mr. Semeniuk left IRCO in 1988 to start his own vending machine distribution company selling various vending machines until 1997 when he designed and patented the Emperor Deluxe Collection of high quality small gumball and candy vending machines under the company Vendmax International Inc. Mr. Semeniuk built Vendmax up to be the world leader in small machine vending developing the Dubble Bubble Gumball machines throughout North America in 2000 to 2002 then expanding internationally with Mars Co products starting in Australia in 2003 where over 30,000 vending machines were sold over the next few years, to many more countries such as: UAE, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand Hong Kong, Mexico etc. Vendmax had sales of over 30 Million total in that period.

Vendmax has won numerous achievement recognition awards over the years in Canada being in the top BMO Profit 100 fastest growing companies for 3 years straight plus local provincial awards in Manitoba.

Mr. Semeniuk sold his international rights to Vendmax in 2011 and started Accessit Corp to promote the Treasure Chest Vending Machine Giveaway Program which he is presently developing along with his partner Paul Sheperdson across Canada and plans call for expansion into the US market towards mid 2012.

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