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Accessit Corp. is a cutting edge innovator of successful high cash producing vending concepts for the 21st century. The principles of the company have over 50+ years of combined work experience in the vending industry and route management. We are a Canadian based company with headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We are both the distributor and manufacturer of our own high quality vending machines.

Corporate Management Team

With Tom and Paul as co-owners of Accessit Corp you can rest assured that you are in good hands as they bring to the company many years of experience in the Vending Industry that is yours to access anytime you have any questions.  This all helps to insure your success from a solidly managed company such as Accessit Corp.

Tom Semeniuk - CEO ACCESSIT CORP Background
Paul Shepperson - PRESIDENT ACCESSIT CORP Background

During the late 80's and early 90's... the principles of Accessit Corp. helped to develop one of the most successful vending programs of all time,
The Gumball Giveaway. This program is still in operation 20 years later. We took a plain gumball machine with average gumball sales per month, placed a sign on it that read Gumball Giveaway! Get a Black Winner Gumball and Win a Prize! Prizes varied per location.

By making this very small change, the ordinary became the extraordinary! Locations quadrupled its sales each month!! This happened because WE ALL LIKE TO WIN, it is a simple fact of human nature.

Tom and Paul pooled their vast knowledgebase of the Vending Industry together and extended the Winning Formula for Gumball machines to a higher value commodity that are the Capsule Gift Items at a $1 to $2 per vend.  The Treasure Chest Vending Giveaway Program maximizes all the elements of profitability, consumer appeal, lottery mentality and is destined to become the largest most profitable innovative vending concept ever developed. 

Now is the Time to get in on the ground floor so you can get the best locations with no competition.  If you join our family of dealers across Canada and the USA you will get 110% full backup and support from head office to help you succeed and achieve your dreams of financial independence.


Corporate Management Team
Paul and Tom.

Our Team


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