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Accessit Corp

 981 Century Street
 Winnipeg, MB Canada R3H 0W4

Phone:  (204) 694-1265
Fax:  (204) 694-8700
Toll Free:  866-668-6629 (North America Only)
Toll Free:  855-735-3610 (French only)
Toll Free From Mexico:  01 800 062 3022
Toll Free From Brazil:  0 800 024 7102

International Calls

Phone:  001 1 204-694-1265 (Ext 1 - Tom/CEO)
Fax:  001 1 204-694-8700
If you are having problems reaching us from International destinations, please go to the following website that will provide you with the proper dialing codes to Canada from your destination.


Tom Semeniuk - CEO Email Tom
Paul Shepperson - President Email Paul
Jordan Shepperson - General Manager Email Jordan
Buffy Babb - Accounting Email Buffy


Dave Brian - Marketing Manager US Sales Email David
Gerardo Saavedra Meza - VP Latin American Division Email Gerardo
   (Spanish Speaking Inquiries)


Logistics & Shipping Issues Email Logistics
Parts & Warranty Issues  Email Parts
Charity Issues Email Charity Issues
Locator Issues Email Locator Issues
Master Distributor Inquiries Email Master Distributor Inquiries
Executive Platinum Dist. Inquiries Email Executive Platinum Inquiries
General Inquiries Email General Inquiries
Any questions regarding prizes Email Prize Inquiries

If you have any questions regarding any of the charities that we align ourselves with, please contact the
Charity Helpline at

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