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We work exclusively with Missing Children Society of Canada who are devoted to the health and well being of Children.  Their tireless efforts for over two decades have assisted in recovering hundreds of missing children. Locations donate space for Treasure Chest Vending Machines to assist in this endeavor by allowing us to display the faces of current missing children.  Posters are placed at our locations to thank them for their support.  MCSOC Poster  Our awareness vending programs have also assisted the Missing Children Society of Canada through donations of over $260,000 dollars to the charity.

Missing Children Society of Canada's website:
Thank you to our Donors.

We rely entirely on the financial support we receive from our corporate and individual donors. We are pleased to acknowledge our donors in 2013 as of the end of September. MCSC's Individual and corporate donors list

Sample Missing Children Vending Headers
15 3/4" wide x 12 1/2" high


The Missing Children Society of Canada performs such a great service in helping to find missing children plus provides all the necessary support needed for the parent(s) of a missing child.

We are privileged to have the opportunity to work exclusively with such a great charity such as the Missing Children Society of Canada.

Our association with MCSC has numerous advantages:

1) The merchant owner or designated decision maker is usually very receptive in allowing the placement of the Treasure Chest Vending Machine on his or her premises as it only occupies a square foot of floor space and the merchant is helping such a good cause by allowing the machine's placement with the picture of a missing child in a high traffic area;

2) Our association with MCSC has economic benefits to the owner/operator  of the Treasure Chest Vending Machines. The economic benefits of donating a set amount to the charity outweigh paying business owners a commission, due to the fact that commissions can fluctuate with negotiations, extra demands, etc...

3) The most important advantage of working with MCSC is the fact that you are displaying pictures of missing children in high traffic locations with the hope that someone will recognize one of these missing children and this could result in reuniting the missing child with their family.



The Missing Children Society of Canada and Accessit Corp.

Over 50,000 children were reported missing in Canada during 2009. That’s one child every 10 minutes.

When a child first goes missing, the police, the media and the community all rally together to help the terrified and grieving family search for their child, but as time goes by, that involvement inevitably decreases, leaving the family to continue the search…seemingly alone.

It is for these families that Missing Children Society of Canada (MCSC) was established in 1986. Our unique and comprehensive investigation program assists police and searching families in the active and ongoing search for missing children. We have assisted in closing over 6000 cases since MCSC began.

We are the only non-profit organization in Canada that is actively searching for missing children.

We are 100% funded by donations. And we provide our services at a no cost to families.

MCSC’s partnership with Accessit Corp. helps us bring children home. This partnership is crucial to raise awareness and funds for our organization. Accessit Corp. funds the production of stickers featuring missing children on our behalf. And by encouraging their clients to display these stickers on their vending machines and to make donations directly to MCSC, we are able to continue the search on behalf of our families.

Since 2003, Accessit Corp’s sister company, Vendmax has supported us in the same manner. Through the dedication of Vendmax and Vendmax’s clients, both past and present, they were able to raise over $260,000 in funds! We thank Accessit Corp. and their clients for helping MCSC to bring these children home! 

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